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    Post by Pivetor on Sun May 22, 2011 1:54 pm

    The grand opening of LonePortal is now on its way!

    After 4 months of long, and painful trial, and error, success, and defeat. I am proud to tell you that is now open, and on its feet. We have just about everything for you to enjoy. From everytopic known to forums, to free advertisements for your sites. We have tons of unique plugins, and coding that makes our site highly unique. We are the first forum of its kind. Containing every possible topic known to forums, and if we are missing one, we will add it. Our Admins, and staff are always active, and we are gaining members by the second. So be one of the first to help us up, and make us popular.

    Another discritpion.

    LonePortal, the forum of all forums. This forum has EVERYTHING a forum could have. When i say that, i mean it has every topic, lots of cool, and uniqu plugins. Active, helpful staff, and better yet, free advertising. What more could you want.

    LonePortal currently has topics of: | Information| Technology | Comics | Scifi | Video Effects | Art | Graphics | Music | Animations | Gaming | Sports | | Cars | Blog | Writing | Coding | Education | Wildlife/Nature | Debate | Advertising | Fighting | Health / Lifestyle. see a topic you like? If so then check it out, there is no off topic on this topic, once again we have everything.

    If you see a topic that you like, but we dont have, view the sub forums, and see if we have it there. Still dont see it? Tell us, and we will add it ASAP!

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    Post by Oasis on Sat Jun 04, 2011 4:50 am



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